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Rosario, Argentina, 2014


With Arch. M.Julia Izaguirre & Arch. M.Emilia Bertero

Collaborators: Lisandro López, Julián Araya, Izaguirre Alcides
tructural Engineer Consultant: Santiago Landucci


The project reinterprets the surrounding site, characterized by the presence of former river port sheds. The formal strategy is based on the proportions of the existing sheds modules and a series of volumetric transformations that generate a pavilion with strong formal identity.

The site location is determined by placing the main entrance of the pavilion in relationship to the position of the existing walkways of the Park. The openings frame the surrounding landscape and the envelope intensifies the different views under the premise of establishing visual relations between interior and exterior spaces.

The choice of wood and rope as the main materials is based on the intent to establish a connection with the history of the site, a former port zone of the city of Rosario, and to recycle the elements once the pavilion is dismantled. The combination of these simple materials generates an articulated interior space that differs from the exterior form. The flexibility of the rope also allows to establish a changing pattern in the envelope to determine total or partial views towards the city and the Paraná River, altering the perception of the surrounding landscape.

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